Elana, 17

 Before I began the TLC Project I was never attending school, I was signing in and leaving every single day and getting suspended. I was always worrying about friends, going to the next party, being a little brat. I was never listening in class. I was never organised or had any intention to listen and follow directions at school. I was always rebellious and never really cared about my goals. I never had any help from anyone, no-one had faith in me, they all gave up because I was so difficult and couldn’t figure out what road to walk on. I crossed so many roads, nothing seemed to help me so I went back to my old ways until I found the TLC Project.

Since completing the TLC Project I’ve seen a big change in myself, I’ve achieved some of my goals and I’ve stopped doing a lot of bad things. I’ve had a lot of help, care and guidance from everyone that has supported me in this program. I’ve gained the ability and self confidence to do things that I’ve wanted to do not what others wanted me to do. I finally learnt to believe in myself all thanks to everyone that supported me. Kylie was always checking up on me through the weeks of the TLC Project and even after it had finished, giving me great advise, helping me out when needed, giving up her time to help me achieve my goals and get where I want to be. This program has changed me into a better person, I can see myself going far and achieving my goals all thanks to everyone who’s helped me. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals and have the capacity to get through this program if I didn’t have anyone in this workshop to help me and believe in me.

Elana is currently working part time & completing her Individual Aged Care Certificate at Tafe, a step on the way to her dream of becoming a Forensic Officer. 

Britney, 17

Before I started The TLC Project, I was only attending school here and there as I wasn’t interest in it and didn’t have the motivation as I was always moving around and didn’t have my parents wondering where I was, or what I was doing with my life, I just never had the support I wished I had.

What I liked about the TLC Project was I had a lot of support and knew I had people helping me that actually did care which made me motivated and made me believe in myself and that I could achieve something in life and get to where I want to be. Kylie & Sian would call throughout the weeks of the program in their spare time to see how I was going or if I needed help. Throughout my senior year at school I didn’t learn much, I learnt more in the TLC Project in just a couple of weeks. The Project has changed me into a better person and taught me to believe in myself. I learnt about a lot of things through this course including crime prevention, financial management, mental health and a lot more. This course has changed me in only 5 weeks, I’m now interested in learning, looking for a career in beauty, Tafe, part time work and have confidence in myself. I recommend this program to everyone else and I’m so grateful for the support and help.

Britney is currently completing her Certificate in Business Studies at Tafe, a step on the way to starting her own beauty business.