More than just a Guinness World Record attempt, it is about standing up for change in our communities.

The TLC Project are proud to partner with the Tara Costigan Foundation for our Inaugural #Change4ChangeBBQ Marathon, 2 days of barbequing dedicated to raising awareness and education of domestic violence.  

Did you know that two women are killed by domestic violence every week in Australia?

This Needs to Change!

#Change4ChangeBBQ is about standing up for those in our community who need a voice and providing an access point to services that can help to affect real change in peoples lives being crippled by domestic violence. 

Just like the work we do with The TLC Project, we will be liaising with services that can assist in actioning real change.
“I'm so proud to be able to bring these services to the community and to be able to break down that internal point of contact to a service that can sometimes be so off-putting for those seeking help" said Co-founder Kylie

So join us and our TLC tribe as we take the record off the Americans, and show Australia that we are all capable of leading our best lives. 

All money raised from this event will help fund The TLC Project.