Training, Learning & Critical Thinking

Imagine if in just 4 short weeks you could go from dreaming about the life you wish you had to actually living the life you know you deserve. 

The TLC Project is here to help you do just that!

The TLC Project is a one of a kind life & work skills course created by passionate people who have been exactly where you are and know how hard it can be to find the resources and service to help turn your life around. But after having the support of some amazing organisations and getting our own lives on track we couldn't keep the secret to ourselves so now we're here to help you follow your dreams and lead your best life.

What's so different about The TLC Project?

A part from having first hand experience in many of the issues you may be facing, it's completely focused on YOU and what's holding you back, not what we think you should learn.  

The TLC Project is broken down into 3 Stages starting with four weeks of workshops specifically designed to help you break down the barriers in your life stopping you from creating the future YOU want.

Stage 2 moves onto work experience. This is your chance to put some of the great skills you've learnt into practice in real work situations while gaining valuable experience to move forward on your journey.

The final and maybe most critical stage is mentoring. At the beginning of The TLC Project you will be matched with a mentor who will be there for you not only during the workshop and work experience stages but for a whole year after because we know that you don't always know what's around the corner or how to deal with things that pop up in day to day life. Your mentor is a person you can go to when your feeling overwhelmed, unsure or just want to talk things out.